Innovation is in our DNA. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fashion to create new, exciting experiences. We see every day as an opportunity to set the standard for excellence. We believe that it is our responsibility not only to be aware of the future, but also to create it.

We have found that our customers are most interested in high-quality items with a timeless, classic look. But not just that, they also want to know their investment will hold its value.Our Designers spend hours looking at every trim, stitch and measurement to ensure the perfect fit. We believe in quality over quantity and are continually inspired by the beach coast to the heart of downtown.

Our story is about more than just clothing; it’s about a lifestyle people want to live. We've put together the sets for lounging, chilling, or any time you need to feel cozy. The fabrics in these sets are intended to be lightweight and comfortable, but still durable and easy to clean.

Stacey Gross, Ed.D.

Educare School